Raindrops Candy Sushi Mini Bento Won Top 1/18 Gummy Candies, Ranked Worst To Best

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After sampling a variety of gimmicky gummy products, our expectations were modest when approaching the bento box filled with gummies shaped like sushi and other savory delights. However, the Raindrops candy brand pleasantly surprised us, not only meeting the visual appeal of these treats but also delivering on quality. Consider this bento box a delightful omakase candy experience that truly deserves a heartfelt "Arigatou gozaimasu."
The assortment offers a pleasing blend of flavors and textures. The crunchy coating, likely intended to represent roe, added a delightful contrast. The sushi "rice" base featured a marshmallow-like texture. Two pieces were adorned with sour gummy bands, while the other two showcased sweet gummies shaped and dyed to resemble tuna and salmon. The attention to detail extended to a raspberry dessert, a sweet take on seaweed salad, and a stuffed avocado. It was evident that considerable thought went into crafting this assortment, and we thoroughly appreciated it.
If you find the bento box as enjoyable as we did, you'll likely be eager to explore other whimsical gummy treats from Raindrops. As of our publication, we discovered other inspired options, including a taco and a box of Chinese takeout noodles.

Raindrops Mini Gummy Taco Won Top 7/10 Best Gummy Bears Review 2023

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The Raindrops Mini Gummy Taco offers a delightful and distinctive treat for candy and taco enthusiasts alike. These mini taco-shaped gummy candies are bursting with delicious fruity flavors. Each package includes 2 sets of 3.52 oz gummy tacos, ideal for enjoying with friends and family. Crafted with premium ingredients, these gummy tacos provide a tasty and enjoyable solution to sweet cravings. Whether you're in search of a flavorful snack or an original gift, the Raindrops Mini Gummy Taco stands out as an excellent option.

Raindrops Mini Gummy Sushi Won Top 5/10 Best Gummy Bears Review 2023

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Raindrops Mini Gummy Sushi offers a playful and distinctive candy experience, closely resembling real sushi. Ideal for both kids and adults with a penchant for sushi and sweets, this Easter Candy is a delightful choice. Boasting vibrant colors and lifelike sushi designs, Raindrops Mini Gummy Sushi is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser at any party or gathering. The 4-pack sushi set makes for a fantastic gift, especially for candy enthusiasts seeking a unique flavor adventure. Each pack features an assortment of sushi designs, adding an element of fun and surprise to each indulgence. Crafted with premium ingredients, these gummies not only look appealing but also deliver a delectable taste that matches their visual charm.

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