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As a young boy, Abraham Gilinski, the founder of Raindrops Enterprises simply fell in love with candy. Its quite a common and nostalgic experience for children. Candies often represent a sweet and indulgent treat. Which brings thoughts of joy, fun and excitement to our childhoods. Whether it was the colorful attractive packaging, the delicious chewy fruity flavors, or the anticipation of getting some special treat. Candy creates the fondest sweetest memories.Our childhood memories often hold a special place in our hearts. They remind us of the simple pleasures of our youth.

Yes, candies are like pictures… They have a unique way of creating special memories and evoking nostalgia. The taste, smell. colors, and textures of different candies trigger vivid recollections of specific special moments or experiences from our past. Whether it’s our Raindrops candy you enjoy during the holidays, birthdays, events or spending time with loved ones. These sweet treats connect your cherished memories. Just like looking at a photograph, savoring a particular moment. Our Raindrops Candy transports you back in time, bringing back the emotions and sensations associated with our Raindrops Candy. This makes our candy such a beloved and comforting part of people’s lives.


Raindrops gummy candies are the most popular type of candy. They are known for their long lasting chewy and sweet natural fruity taste. They come in various shapes, sizes & flavors; This makes them a favorite treat for people of all ages. The Raindrop gummy candies are typically made from a mixture of gelatin, fruit flavored sweeteners, flavorings, and colorings, which give them their distinctive texture and taste. Whether in the form of a gummy sandwich, belts, worms, pizza, sushi, noodles or other fun shapes. These candies are enjoyed by many for their delightful combination of chewiness and sweetness.


Raindrops Gummy candies often feature fruit flavors like strawberry, cherry, orange, and more. Some gummies may even have a combination of flavors or a unique twist to make them stand out. Whether they are shaped like raindrops or any other fun design, these candies are sure to provide a unique and enjoyable taste experience.

Some of our Gummy Raindrops Candies are shaped like food. These candies are designed to resemble actual food items, like fruits, vegetables, or other culinary delights. gummy candies that look like pizza slices, hamburgers, or sushi. The fun and novelty of gummy candies that imitate foods can add an extra element of enjoyment to snacking. These treats often retain the sweet and chewy texture of gummy candies while offering a unique and visually appealing experience. They are popular among both kids and adults who appreciate the whimsical and imaginative aspect of these confections.

Raindrops fruit flavored candies are sold online or at retail chains for all occasions and events. You can typically find them in the candy section of retail chains, supermarkets, convenience stores, and specialty candy shops. These candies are often available year-round and are suitable for a wide range of occasions and events, from birthday parties and holidays to simple snacking. In addition we also provide bulk sales (WHOLESALE) of our candies.


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