Raindrops Gummy Candy Flowers Bouquet


Length 7.50
Width 7.50
Height 7.00
UNIT Weight OZ 5.11

About The Candy Flowers Bouquet:

Delicious Gummy Treat: Presenting the Fun Gummy Candy Flowers, a delightful gummy flower Bouquet crafted from a medley of gummies, elegantly enveloped in a charming covering.

An Enjoyable Culinary Journey With Candy Flowers

These delectable novelty candies not only taste fantastic but also provide a fun and satisfying eating experience. The candy is thoughtfully wrapped to maintain its freshness.

Satisfy Your  Sugar Cravings: Our gummy Candy Flowers Bouquet boasts an array of fruity delights, rope-shaped gummies, adorable bears, and even veggie-themed treats, each offering a unique combination of shapes, sizes, and textures. It’s the perfect choice for a whimsical and delightful gift.

Save SomeFor Later: Don’t worry if you can’t devour the entire bouquet in one sitting. Simply wrap the remaining gummies in the covering and stow them away in a bag for later enjoyment. Ideal for birthdays, parties, holidays, or any celebration.

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