Raindrops Gummy Pizza Candy


Amazing PIZZA 10.58 oz

The Gummy pizza looks just like real pizza: fruity candies, same fun factor, same fun experience, perfect to carry anywhere.

Length 9.50
Width 9.50
Height 1.18
UNIT Weight OZ 10.58

About the Gummy Pizza:

  • Captivating Collection: Indulge in the enchanting world of our Raindrops Gummy Pizza candy, where a harmonious blend of savory, oversized gummy goodness and sweet flavors awaits, promising a truly delightful snacking adventure.
  • True-to-Life Treat: Delight in the playful charm of our pizza candy, artfully crafted to mirror the delectable allure of a pizza, complemented by our gummy pizza that boasts intricate details mimicking an authentic slice.
  • Overflowing with Flavor: Indulge in the explosive fruity burst of taste with each chewy and vibrant bite of our gummy treats.
  • Adaptable Snacking: Whether you crave a whimsical gummy taco or a  delightful gummy pizza, this assortment accommodates a wide range of snacking desires.
  • Ideal for Sharing: Whether you’re hosting a party, gathering, or simply enjoying some quality time with friends and family, this bundle is sure to delight candy enthusiasts of all ages and infuse a touch of whimsy into any occasion.

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